Children /Kids Dentistry

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is the most important one. Their first visit will determine the rest of their dental fate. Not only that, our warm hearted staff strive to make sure every visit in our office is a great one. The waiting room has a selection of magazines, kid’s toys and a big TV where we have Netflix running. Your child can choose a familiar show/movie that makes them comfortable in the waiting area and continue to watch it in the operatory. Every operatory is equipped with 2 TVs, one big one on the wall and one right above their chair so when they lay back they can continue to be comfortable. At the end of the visit, the children can visit the front desk where they can choose a special prize from our treasure chest.

Dr. Gill is the primary female dentist at our office. She is very gentle and caring, and has many years of experience with kids. She is very confident that herself and her friendly staff can make your first visit to the dentist a memorable one.

We recommend regular dental check-ups and can’t wait to watch your little ones grow as they continue to visit us.